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Book an Oklahoma WONDERtorium 2019/2020 Traveling Exhibit or Show

Our programs are engaging for preschool through elementary aged children. All programs align to current Oklahoma academic standards.

Traveling Exhibits:

  • Ready for Take Off
  • Design, Build, Create!
  • WONDERglow
  • WONDERjam
  • WONDERnauts

Traveling Exhibits Include:
Facilitator, Equipment, and Disposable Materials for up to 7 hours

Traveling Performance-Based Shows:

  • Books Alive!
  • May the Forces!

Performance-Based Shows Include:
45-minute interactive show with three theme options.

Bring literacy and science to life through music, movement and props.

View our Outreach Program Guide or Presentation for additional details and to visualize our programs.

For more information, pricing, or to book a show or traveling exhibit,

Please call Lori Turman at (405) 533-3333 or email at lori.turman@okwondertorium.org 

What others have to say about our "Museum Beyond Walls" program:

"This performance was full of energy, kids loved it!"

"I love that it is hands-on. I wished it lasted longer--like two hours!"

"The facilitator is so attentive. She was patient and very creative!"

"This program is fantastic. We plan to ask (Lori) back in the future. Loved it!"

Plan your visit.