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School Programs

Field trips not an option? Don’t worry!

We can come to you! Oklahoma WONDERtorium offers an Outreach Program to fit your classroom or school.

Book an Oklahoma WONDERtorium 2017 Traveling Exhibit or Show

Give Oklahoma WONDERtorium a call to schedule
a traveling exhibit or a Books Alive! show. 

Our programs are engaging for preschool through elementary aged children -
all of which align to current Oklahoma academic standards.

Traveling Exhibits:

  • Ready for Take Off
  • Design, Build, Create!
  • WONDERglow

Traveling Exhibits Include:
Facilitator, Equipment, and Disposable Materials for up to 7 hours

Performance-Based Show:
Books Alive!

Performance-Based Show Includes:
45-Minute Interactive Show with Three Theme Options.

Bring Literacy to Life through Music, Movement and Props.

Click here to download
descriptions for each exhibit and pricing information. 

Check out our presentation
for additional details and to visualize our programs.

Call Lori Turman at (405) 533-3333 or email her at 
lori.turman@okwondertorium.org to book a show or traveling exhibit.


Plan your visit.