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Plan a Visit: Groups

Group Visits may be scheduled during all open hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm.

  • A group of 12 or more adults and children will qualify for a discounted admission of $5.00 per person (includes tax) with a reservation made 10 business days in advance of the visit. This is $2 off regular admission.
  • If your group is tax exempt, please call (405) 533-3333 x106 for the tax exempt rate. A copy of your tax exempt certificate is due when you make the reservation – please fax it to (405) 372-7289.
  • For groups of 25 or more, credit card information is due at the time of the booking and will be kept securely until the day of your visit. The card is NOT charged ANY fees unless you cancel your visit – visits CAN be rescheduled with 5 days advance notice. Cancellation of a group visit reservation will incur a $50.00 charge. Credit card information is shredded and not kept on file.
  • The planner will receive a confirmation of the visit via email and phone.
  • Group Visits do not automatically include room rental accommodations for snacks, meals, special activities, etc. Rooms may be available for rental during your Group Visit for $25 or $35 per hour. Please inquire when scheduling your group. You can also get more information on Room or Museum Rental here.
  • Family passes and museum membership are not accepted for group visits.

Call (405) 533-3333 for additional information or to schedule your group.

The Museum Experience

Inquiry-based exploration of the museum exhibits provides a rich opportunity for building knowledge and understanding in the areas of science, engineering, creative art, math, history and culture. We offer a free educational tool, Play Empowers Educators Kit, to help teachers incorporate an Oklahoma WONDERtorium field trip into their existing classroom curriculum. Request your free kit here.  


Plan your visit.